Fox 17 Investigates: Antioch neighbors upset at lack of repairs on water-damaged road

(Fox 17 News)

In November, Fox 17 News reported on a problem at the Ridgeview neighborhood in Antioch and neighbors say no work has been done since.

Heavy rains caused a road behind a row of new houses to start to break apart and slide down the hill. Nearly three months later, residents reached out to Fox 17 News again to find out why no repairs have been made.

"I can't use my garage. I can't use my driveway. I don't have access to my backyard or this road," said Cherronda Briscoe, a metro high school teacher who moved into a home on Dale View Drive about eighteen months ago.

Briscoe said she's reached out to her builder, Metro Council rep, the developer and her home owners associations to no avail.

After making calls to her builder and the city, Fox 17 News spoke to Brittny Bozeman, a member of the neighborhood's HOA board. Bozeman said the developer is responsible for the road and has agreed to make repairs.

"There's been surveyors and people out looking at it to try to make an attempt to see what the next thing will be," Bozeman said. "I know they'll probably end up having to tear down more of what has already fallen to again get the fix done and taken care of."

Bozeman said repairs have been delayed because of recent bad weather. That's good news for Samih Markos because the landslide is now about 10 feet from his property line.

"This one is safety hazard for our kids for anyone driving by that street as well," Markos said. "So that happened on November 7 until now we are February 2 and no solution at all for it."

Markos filed a complaint with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs, which has agreed to act as a buffer between the homeowners and the development company if necessary. Fox 17 will monitor repairs and go to bat for homeowners again if they are unreasonably delayed.

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