Former Tennessee Tech, Rutgers football player charged with attempted homicide

Nadir Barnwell-Metro Nashville Police

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A former Tennessee Tech and Rutgers football player has been charged with attempted homicide after allegedly assaulting a woman on the Nashville pedestrian bridge Monday.

According to the arrest affidavit for Nadir Barnwell, Metro police started investigating the assault after the female victim was transported to the hospital for emergency surgery. Police say Barnwell was also at the scene and had blood on his person, claiming the woman was intoxicated and suffered her injuries when she fell as he was trying to pick her up and carry her.

Detectives examined video footage from the bridge and say the woman can be seen sitting down while Barnwell paced back-and-forth in an "agitated" state. He then is seen rushing towards her, picks her up from the ground and moves her. Barnwell then grabs her by the throat and shakes her head before releasing her. The woman falls to the ground and her head bounces off the ground.

Police say Barnwell then places a phone call and tries to wake her up before picking her up and walking out of camera view.

The woman was taken into surgery to stop significant bleeding from the brain due to a skull fracture. Detectives at the hospital say she also had her right arm in a splint and bruises on her neck.

Police arrested Barnwell based on the evidence and charged him with attempted criminal homicide.

This is not the first time Barnwell has been charged criminally. According to a report from, Barnwell was one of five former Rutgers players involved in a fight in 2015 over a parking spot where the victim suffered a broken jaw.

The report says Barnwell was entered into a pretrial intervention program in which he was non-compliant. However, in 2017 a judge gave Barnwell a second chance to meet requirements of the pretrial drug and alcohol program.

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