Former TBI Agent says star witness testimony used in Holly Bobo trial is false

PHOTO: WZTV FOX 17 News Nashville.

A Former TBI Agent said on Tuesday that testimony used to convict Zach Adams for Holly Bobo's rape, kidnapping and murder is false.

In an affidavit, Terry Dicus points out inconsistencies in Jason Autry's description of the events leading to Bobo's murder. Bobo was 20 when she disappeared from home in rural Parsons in April 2011. Her remains were found in September 2014.

Described as a longtime friend of Adams, Autry was charged by a Decatur County Grand Jury in 2014 with kidnapping and murder. During opening statements in the trial, prosecutors said Adams called Autry for help the day of Bobo's disappearance. Read and watch Autry's testimony here.

Dicus described several discrepancies in Autry's testimony, using cell phone pings to show Autry and Adams could not have been in the locations Autry described within the timeline he provided in court. Both the defense and prosecution team spent time debating a difference in the cell phone ping data mapping revealed in court.

Dylan Adams, also accused in the murder of Holly Bobo, will go to trial in May 2018 in Hardin County with a jury from Chattanooga. The judge wants to bring a jury from Chattanooga due to the “little press coverage” in the area. The jury will be sequestered.

Adams’ brother, Zach Adams, was convicted earlier this year in the kidnapping, rape and murder of Bobo. The agreement gave Adams life without parole for Bobo's killing. He was sentenced to consecutive terms of 25 years for both the kidnapping and rape convictions. Zach’s lawyer has since filed for a motion of appeal, citing lack of evidence in his conviction.

Read Dicus' full statement below or click here on mobile.

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