Former roommate gives graphic, damaging testimony on Day 2 of Vanderbilt trial

Brandon Banks in court for Vanderbilt rape trial on Monday June 19, 2017.

*WARNING: Graphic content, reader discretion is advised*

Tuesday was a day of damaging testimony as Brandon Banks former roommate testified against him in the Vanderbilt rape trial.

Jaborian "Tip" McKenzie described taking photographs as Banks and two other men sexually assaulted an unconscious woman on a Vanderbilt dorm room floor.

Banks watched in the courtroom as prosecutors played the cell phone video showing the gang rape inside Gillette Hall.

Banks former roommate McKenzie, who is also charged with rape, described the images that are only visible to attorneys and the jury hearing the case.

"It's Brandon Vandenburg recording, laughing, egging it on. Brandon Banks reaching squeezing a bottle. Cory Batey attempting to have sex and Vandenburg saying you're not hard yet," McKenzie said.

Defense Attorney, Mark Scruggs says three minutes of video and 41 photographs recovered of cell phones only show part of what happen and suggested Banks acted under duress.

"Family on three right? That's an expression you use on football team to demonstrate that loyalty to each other, right," Scruggs said.

"Right," McKenzie said.

"No matter what happens outside that family you protect each other, correct," Scruggs said.

"Correct," McKenzie said.

McKenzie's testimony has helped convict former teammates Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey.

Prosecutors believe it could lead to a conviction for Banks.

"Do you have any reason to lie about what Mr. Banks did in that room," Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman said.

"No ma'am," McKenzie said.

"Is he still your friend," Norman said.

"Yes Ma'am," McKenzie said.

The victim in this case is expected to testify later this week as she has in three previous trials.

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