Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio visits Nashville, talks Trump, pardon, wall and DACA

Joe Arpaio speaks to a room of people at the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville at Opryland on Saturday (WZTV).

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- He may be running for U.S. Senate in Arizona, but Saturday Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio took his tough talking to Music City Saturday.

After he spoke to a group of truck drivers about transportation issues, FOX 17 News asked the controversial cop about school safety, DACA, and why he unconditionally supports President Donald Trump.

Self-proclaimed as "America's toughest sheriff," Arpaio has gained a national reputation for being harsh when it comes to criminal punishment, strict on illegal immigrants, and unwavering in his support of President Trump, who pardoned him for a conviction related to a racial profiling case last year.

"I never had a hero until three months ago, I finally realized in my whole life who my hero was and that was Donald Trump," says Arpaio. "That has nothing to do with the pardon, that came out of nowhere, I didn't ask for it, nothing."

Support of President Trump, and his agenda, is what Arpaio says inspired him to run for U.S. Senate at the age of 85.

That age, a number-- he says represents a career and experience needed in Washington.

Arpaio, an army veteran, served an unprecedented six, four-year terms as Maricopa County Sheriff. and another decade as a DEA agent.

"Where's the cops? I don't see any cops in the Senate, they're all lawyers, politicians, it's time to get a law enforcement guy, the right one," says Arpaio.

On school safety, Arpaio supports the addition of armed school resource officers.

For "Dreamers," he thinks they should all be deported, returning to their countries of origin as U.S. ambassadors until they can re-enter with a green card.

And perhaps it is no surprise, he's 100% pro-wall, primarily to cut down on drug trafficking.

"If you just did the wall for the drugs it's worth it. All these politicians talk about illegal immigration, Donald Trump started talking about drugs destroying our country."

The Arizona primary is on August 28.

Arpaio also visited the Nashville area because his brother lives here.

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