Flooding in various parts of Middle Tennessee closes roadways

Photo: WZTV

Constant rain has caused flooding in various parts of Tennessee. Newsom Station Road in Davidson County was closed because of the Harpeth River overflowing its banks.

Residents who live up the hill from the river are used to the river flooding when it rains a lot, but say they’re just glad they don’t live at the same level of the water,

“No it’s not a big deal because water won’t get up to affect us and our homes, like some of these people living in parts of Nashville like Mill Creek, every time it floods water gets in their homes,” Davidson County resident, Hal Sensing said.

Meantime, road closed signs are all over Highway 84 in White County. The Calfkiller River overflowed its banks causing all sorts of problems for residents who live along the route,”Right out in front of me, the water was across the road, I turned around and went the other way and then I noticed it was probably down, because I was heading back home, I see that it’s down, so I’m gonna go on through now,” White County resident, Tim Cravens said.

Most of the water has receded as White County crews will work to open roads in the morning.

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