Fisk, TSU Students Say Voter ID Laws Target Students

Fisk, TSU Students Say Voter ID Laws Target Students (WZTV)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- "Let my people vote," reads a letter from a group of Fisk University and TSU students to Tre Hargett, Tennessee's Secretary of State.

The letter says Tennessee's Voter ID law targets minority and low-income voters as well as college students, who may have state-issued college IDs but not driver's licenses and therefore can't vote.

"It can be very alarming when you're trying to exercise your right to vote and you feel disenfranchised when you're doing so and you don't have the process or the right information to do so," said Nicole Arrighi, TSU professor.

Hargett's office responded that the voter ID law has been challenged and upheld by the courts.

"Our department has helped register more than 7,000 college students this election cycle alone to ensure they are not excluded," a spokesperson for Hargett said. "We also work with students to host voter registration drives at both Tennessee State University and Fisk University."

The letter also takes aim at the state's purging process where names are removed from the voter registry if voters don't turn up to vote frequently enough.

"The purging process is designed to make sure only eligible voters are allowed to vote," Hargett's spokesperson said. "State law requires the removal of voters who are deceased, moved or have been convicted of a felony."

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