Fire closes Merchants restaurant in downtown Nashville 'indefinitely'

PHOTO: FOX 17 News

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Merchants in downtown Nashville is indefinitely closed due to a fire on Thursday morning.

The Nashville Fire Department responded to the Broadway establishment during the 8 a.m. hour to put out the fire.

The owners of Merchants said there was a small fire on the third floor kitchen caused by a smoker. The fire set off a sprinkler system and crews are busy at work cleaning all three floors and getting the building back in shape.

"The good news is, this building has seen much worse than this in the 100-plus-years that its been around, so we’ll be up and running in no time! We are trying to reopen for service tomorrow, June 1." - Merchants

Currently, cause of the fire and extent of the damage has not been released.

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