FERRIER FILES: Ways to keep your family safe during a home invasion

Photo: FOX 17 News

Bob Allen is so skilled at tactics and defense he taught several Metro Police officers how to stay alive no matter the situation for 21 years.

When you hear someone in your home, the typical tendency is to go out and meet the threat.

"Hunting armed people in a house takes more than one person and it takes practice. It is very hard. The objective is to stay in your bedroom get set up and wait on them to come to you," said Allen.

FOX 17 News tagged along while a woman who asked to be called Mary is learning how to defend her home.

"I'm not a gun person, never been a gun person. If something does happen, I want to be prepared," Mary said.

Mary was taught a home-defense technique only carried out with a flashlight and a gun. But how about something simpler?

Allen said an alarm system can be a good first line of defense and not to overlook it.

"The best thing I ever saw stopping someone from staying in my house is an alarm system. You just can't beat it," said Allen.

For homeowners, alarm systems serve as a warning, a heads up to put a plan in place. And for criminals, it means instant trouble.

"If it’s an audible alarm, that guy is going to hit the road. He just can't stay. It is so much easier to find a house without an alarm," said Allen. "And if he comes in anyway, you have been alerted."

Allen also advises homeowners to pretend they aren't home when someone rings the doorbell.

"If a burglar is at your door, shaking and knocking, and you don't answer the door, don't be surprised that the next thing you hear is kicking the door open.

Allen said he likes the Ring-style doorbells, where homeowners can see who is at the door and answer them remotely with a phone.

If it's someone unfamiliar, Allen said to answer in a deep voice and tell the person at the door to leave. If you hear someone in your home, Allen said your best bet is locking yourself in a room then using a temporary door barricade and calling 911.

When it comes to home defense, have a plan. Experts say if you don't have one, that's a plan too - a plan to fail.

Allen teaches all kinds of situational ways to defend yourself at Royal Range USA in Bellevue.

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