FERRIER FILES: Middle Tennessee man meets his sister for the first time after 62 years

(Fox 17 News)

A middle Tennessee man discovered a sister he didn't know he had and met her for the first time this week.

Joe Adamson is a 68-year-old veteran, He had four kids, and he was named Goodwill's Tennessee employee of the year.

Adamson has been happily married for 18 years, but something has always been missing and he didn't even know it.

“I’m ecstatic," Adamson said. "It is actually mind-blowing."

Joe and his brother Bill were taken out of their Michigan home as small children about 62 years ago because their parents struggled with alcoholism. The boys were adopted, and they never knew anything about their biological family.

Joe didn't even know a family photo existed that shows him with his brother Bill and Patty, the little sister he never knew he had.

Patty said she knew she had a brother because she was adopted by family members, but the boys' records were sealed.

Years later, her son started poking around and found a family tree. It lead to Shelbyville and 201 hickory drive.

“I found out that me and Bill had ten other siblings,” Adamson said.

On the day he would finally meet his baby sister after being separated for 62 years, Joe was distracted.

“They will be here in about 20 minutes,” Adamson said.

He was also antsy leading up to the big moment.

“Oh boy, I am nervous,” Adamson said.

They've talked on the phone, video chatted, Facebooked, but this face-to-face meeting is different.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on her,” Adamson said.

Finally Patty arrived, and the Fox 17 News crew met her on the driveway before she met Joe.

“It just means the world to me," Patty said. "I have been searching for 40 years."

While it is shocking to not know you have a sister, It is heartbreaking to know you have a brother you can't find.

“i always had a feeling that they were gone, and i would never meet them,” Patty said.

When they finally did meet, their embrace melted away years of pain, loss and separation.

Watch the tearful moment below:

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