FERRIER FILES: Tennessee girl is proof that one friend makes all the difference


The goal of the Best Buddies organization is so brilliantly simple - match a friend for a person with down syndrome, get them to commit for at least a year and see how it changes everyone's lives.

Pictures from Best Buddies show the joy of friendship, which is something many of us take for granted yet also treasure. But in the world of down syndrome, sometimes you have to work to find friends.

Best Buddies of Tennessee recently held a statewide fundraiser with 17 go-getters. The young professionals competed to raise money for best buddies....

Grace Dodd took home the win as the Nashville champion. Grace raised $15,000. Thanks to this organization, 5500 great people like Grace have a best buddy and now more people will get a new friend.

“All you need is one, and if you have a friend you can do anything,” said Grace’s dad John Dodd. "A lot of times these kids don't have friends, and they are left behind."

John Dodd adores his daughter. He will do anything for her, but can't do everything for her.

“As a parent, one of your greatest worries or fears is my kid is not going to have friends, and that text 'can I pick you up Wednesday to go get ice cream or to go to Chick-Fil-A,' that is the greatest feeling as a parent,” Dodd said.

For Grace, the greatest feeling is this being with her best buddy Audrey, a fellow Brentwood High School Student, talking about prom dress colors or just hanging out.

We had a hard time understanding much of what grace was excitedly talking about, but there were three words that always came out crystal clear and true each time.

“I love you,” said Grace for the 20th time.

Best Buddies is in need of prom dress donations. If you have one, they would love to hear from you here.

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