FERRIER FILES: TBI given access to Nashville Mayor Barry's phone for investigation

(FOX 17 News)

Surveillance video shows Nashville Mayor Megan Barry and her bodyguard Sgt. Rob Forrest entering the deserted city cemetery in the early morning.

What in the world are they doing in this place alone? Mayor Barry's press secretary suggests that she was walking or making phone calls, but it's a strange place to do business.

The cemetery is rarely visited and in a high crime area with no surveillance cameras.

It is a strange explanation at least just like Mayor Barry's comments about the photos of the naked woman on Sgt. Forrest’s cellphone that were taken while the two were in Washington D.C.

“I haven't seen the pictures and so I don't know what they contain," Barry said. "I don't know what that looks like. My focus is on dealing with this investigation and cooperating with the TBI."

In a search warrant from Feb. 16, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said she would not give them the passcode to search her phone. Barry said that's because they had to do that with certain assurances and legal understanding.

The TBI asked for the passcode again on Feb. 20, and Barry said no. Her lawyer suggested Barry will sue if the naked pictures are of her…

Once the search warrants were put out in public on Thursday, she turned the passcode over to the TBI.

“We have been cooperating," Barry said. We didn't see that until it was already given to the press. We needed to review it."

The mayor's office also wants District Attorney Glen Funk to recuse himself from the TBI's investigation into possible misuse of taxpayer money during her affair.

There is more than an undercurrent of bad blood between the two. In a statement, Funk simply answered he was going to do his job and he was done talking until the investigation was over.

Mayor Barry answered questions for only five minutes on Friday, and left reporters with many questions unanswered.

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