FERRIER FILES: Special prosecutor to investigate Ridgetop ticket quotas

Photo: FOX 17 News

A special prosecutor from Wilson County will lead the investigation into Ridgetop ticket quotas. The outstanding question: Did city leaders commit crimes when setting traffic ticket quotas?

A group of citizens has crowded the Ridgetop Police Department with support after their police chief Bryan Morris publicly called out his Ridgetop Mayor Tony Reasoner and Vice Mayor McCaw Johnson.

“The police officer should protect and serve. I'd rather see them patrolling the neighborhood than writing tickets,” said Ridgetop resident Dale Gilmore.

If you missed the original FERRIER FILES investigation into ticket quotas, Chief Morris and officer Shawn Taylor have secretly taped meetings with the vice mayor and mayor demanding ticket quotas, which is illegal in Tennessee.

Retired police officer David Wiley said it's the very reason he retired.

“It got so bad while I was working here. I had to stop visiting schools and going into businesses because they were demanding so many tickets to be written. We just didn't have time - we had to be on the street writing tickets,” said Wiley.

And things aren't seeming good right now after the police department publicly criticized Ridgetop for demanding ticket quotas.

Police chief Bryan Morris said the city has put up a wall.

“As far as I know right now I am locked out of city hall. They threatened to take our cars away. Now they are saying we can't spend any money at all unless the mayor approves. It’s getting hostile and the tone is bad,” said Chief Morris.

And the chief expects nothing to change while the investigation intensifies.

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