FERRIER FILES: Smyrna gun store robbers caught by security guard at third gun store

(Smyrna Police)

The Outpost Armory is a mega gun store just off the interstate in Murfreesboro.

Their big collection calls for special security measures that came in handy on Thursday night when three men walked into the store and started acting suspicious

“They were looking at every item in the store but refused to be helped,” said Outpost Armory undercover security guard “Tag.” "They didn't have any questions. The taller one became to look familiar. We pulled up images from social media and saw that he had on a gray Adidas hoodie with black pull strings; the exact same description of the robber."

The undercover security guard is talking about two robberies.

The first being two weeks ago when robbers got away with 24 guns at “On Target.” The second robbery was Thursday at around 3 a.m. when more guns were stolen from “Guns n More” in Smyrna.

When the three men asked clerks at the Outpost as the store closed and left, employees decided to call police and follow them.

“I followed them at a distance," Tag said. "I tried to not be seen, but they saw me. They started making unusual turns. They knew I was behind them. Fortunately only a few moments later, the deputy arrived and arrested them."

Police found a stolen gun with them. It was not the one from the gun store but more than enough to arrest Nicholas Waters, Quandre Knowles and Gawain Grimes.

The three convicted felons were charged with felony gun possession gun theft, and more charges. Grimes had an outstanding warrant.

They're not facing charges for the gun store robberies yet.

"Our guys addressed it right away,” said Chris Barrett, Outpost Armory owner. "They didn't corner anyone. They didn’t go full frontal. They played it smart."

Barrett said he's pleased his team could help out law enforcement.

“I'm so glad because this is great," Barrett said. "When people stand up and do the right thing, it is important. It’s not just up to law enforcement, it is up to all us, and what our guys did made this area safer. I couldn’t be prouder."

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