FERRIER FILES: Secrets and untold stories of middle Tennessee

Ferrier Files Secrets of middle Tennessee (Fox 17 News)

There are many secrets in Middle Tennessee; places, people and stories that have never been told.

Every Wednesday night Fox 17 News Reporter Dennis Ferrier will share some off those secrets. Stories that are incredible and moving.

On Wednesday night at 9 p.m., you will meet a man who found his dream job because of a horrifying encounter with a serial killer. Ron Blanton is a veteran and assistant district attorney with 20 years experience, who has been in court on some high profile cases.

What you don’t know is that 20 years ago he was living a very different life that was changed forever when he crossed paths with Nashville serial killer Paul Dennis Reid. Sometimes good things come from the most awful things.

PART ONE: The story of Ron Blanton and the serial killer

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