FERRIER FILES: Never-before-seen tour of Stones River National Battlefield

(Fox 17 News)

The Hallowed Ground: Lantern Tour at Stones River National Battlefield has never been filmed or taped until our Fox 17 News crew was allowed to tape the entire tour.

It's a tour so popular that it has taken some people years to get a ticket because it only runs for 10 days a year. This is no ordinary tour. Ask anyone who has been.

"I’ve gone to six different battlefields, and I've never seen a tour like this..none,” said Marge Riley. "Its fantastic. There is nothing like it."

While many battlefield tours talk about the dead, in this tour the dead talk.

“It’s them it truly is them,” said Chief Ranger Jim Lewis. "It makes them human, and when people hear those words they can hear themselves thinking or saying the same things if they were in that position 150 years ago."

Once on the tour, no one is allowed to utter a word. No questions, no comments. Just utter silence.

“It is a bit of a heavy lift," Lewis said. "Because unlike other tours we have, this is one bad ending after another because there are 6,100 band endings over there."

To book the tour you, must call on Monday morning at 9 a.m. The number is 615-907-9277.

Watch part of the tour in the video below.

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