FERRIER FILES: Nashville's new magic bar is unlike anything you've ever seen

(Fox 17 News)

It is part speakeasy, part Harry Potter, but it also feels a little like a museum.

You have never seen anything like it.

First Bill Miller opened the Johnny Cash museum and then Nudie’s Honky Tonk with the longest bar in town. Miller opened the Patsy Cline Museum and then bought Skull's Rainbow Room all in less than five years.

But now Bill Miller is going way outside of the box.

“Everything we've done has a Nashville connection," Miller said. "Skull's Rainbow Room to Johnny Cash, who is arguably the biggest legend, but not this. We wanted something that was totally different."

The House of Cards is a speakeasy restaurant and magic club decorated with priceless antiques from all over the world and located in the basement of the Johnny Cash museum.

“I think having done two museums it really helped us," Miller said. "We wanted it to be sumptuous and over the top and jaw-dropping and that has been the reaction from anyone who has been here."

It is in the basement of the Johnny Cash Museum, but it feels like you have been transported into a movie scene.

There is a secret door that reveals a private dining room complete with lightning storm special effects. Rare posters and antique playing cards are displayed all over the club.

Every dining table also gets a ticket to attend a magic show in the club, and then there are the drop-in magic stations in the restaurant.

“We wanted to make this a place for locals," Miller said. "We wanted to create a place we would want to go to. I promise you there is nothing like this anywhere in the Southeast."

The House of Cards opens on April 9. It will be reservations only, valet parking and a dress code.

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