FERRIER FILES: Nashville school supports coaches affected by ALS

Tim Shaw (WZTV)

Two coaches, whose lives have been touched by ALS, are supported by the Nashville Christian School Community.

At a Wednesday chapel at Nashville Christian school, the Guest speaker was Tim Shaw, the honorary captain of the Tennessee Titans.

His playing days are over. The disease ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease took that from him.

"When I was diagnosed with ALS, I had to actually look in the mirror and ask myself 'who am I? Who am I really'." Shaw said. "Football is gone. My muscles are gone. I'm still very good looking, but who am I?"

Tim Shaw discovered there was a lot left. He was an ambassador of hope. He inspired people by smiling, laughing, and living well in the face of a cruel death.

Some of those inspired are very close like Nashville Christian High School's Defensive Coordinator Andrew Shaw, Tim's little brother.

"It is hard to stay down because he is so positive, and he has joy and genuine joy for life," Andrew Shaw said. "He is happy every day even though he is struggling. I am closer to him and think more of him every day. He is an inspiration."

Bible teacher and basketball coach Mike McPherson has also been affected by ALS. His wife Lisa was diagnosed with ALS one year ago.

Lisa has lost her voice, but not her heart.

"I am here today so we need to live and enjoy today," she types into her phone, which is repeated by Siri.

"Unfortunately she is propping me up instead of me propping her up, and I hope I can be stronger as we go through this," Mike McPhersson said.

It is unflinching honesty from a couple walking a difficult path.

"You can't go in the past and you can't fear what happens in the future," McPherson said. "But the disease doesn't have a good future, but we can take today, that's what the bible says, because we are not promised tomorrow."

Tim Shaw's message does not stray from that. Be authentic. Seize the Day. Love.

"God made you. God loves you and you are awesome," Tim Shaw said.

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