FERRIER FILES: Nashville haunted house says I-24 closure hurts business

Devil's Dungeon says I-24 closure hurts business (Fox 17 News)

An 18-year-old haunted house in Nashville said I-24 construction has been catastrophic to their seasonal business.

The Devil's Dungeon has open its grisly doors for 18 years. It is a small, family-run haunt, and every year there is something new.

“We have added some great tech advances, and we have added some scare points that you have not seen anywhere else or in the past,” said Patrick Warner of Devil’s Dungeon.

Warner literally grew up scaring people. His family owns three haunted houses in the area. When he stares over at I-24 this fall, he said he is a little scared because it is too quiet too often.

I-24 and the Shelby Street exit has been closed for two weekends this fall. Warner said business was down at least 25 percent on both those weekends.

Now there is another closure set for Oct. 27-29 on the biggest weekend of the year for the haunted house.

The closure could be catastrophic for a business that makes all its money in a very small window.

“We are only open six or seven weeks," Warner said. "That could easily be a quarter of our business lost. It makes it difficult."

With 40 actors and months of preparation, Devil's Dungeon is built to handle big crowds who are in a hurry to get through the attraction.This year they added a new 3-D section of the house.

It's the kind of thing that happens when you have great attendance, not the kind of thing you do if you have an unexpected bad year.

“We really built the place up each year we are building our business," Warner said. "It definitely hurts us on next year's renovations and projects. When we make money, the show just keeps getting better."

The Devil’s Dungeon opens at 8 p.m. It is open on Friday and stays open through Halloween night.

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