FERRIER FILES: East Nashville family with disabilities faces losing their home

(Fox 17 News)

The Sparks are not your typical Nashville family. They have never had it easy.

Cathy Sparks has Lupus. Her husband, Jason has Asperger’s Autism.

Jason has been fired from jobs more often then he can count, often due to his awkwardness.

“Jason has been a great role model because he doesn't give up," Cathy said. "They would let him go, and the next day he would be pounding the pavement."

He is currently celebrating his third year at his current job, which is a new record.

This is a family that will constantly surprise you. Despite the couple's obstacle, they daringly adopted three children with special needs out of a drug addicted, felony family.

Robert, Dricka, and Rudy are showered with love, and the kids have flourished. Rudy and Dricka are both hard-working and married.

Robert is 26, and still living at home. He loves to draw, and joyfully gives tours of the family's Nashville home.

“Come over here," Robert said with a smile. "This is where I keep my bicycle."

It happened at 1503 McGavock Pike in east Nashville. This home has been in their family since 1960.

Jason's dad committed suicide the day before Jason closed on the house.

“I put dad’s ashes on the mantle," Jason said. "This was his home. I want him always to stay here."

Like we said it has never been easy, but this family never ever quits. Even today when they are on the verge of losing their beloved home.

It all started five years ago when they were given a trial loan modification from their mortgage holder JP Morgan Chase Bank.

“Because I was changing jobs, I missed the first of three trial payments," Jason said. "We have spent five years trying to get back into modification. Meanwhile the bill has been growing."

The Sparks say Chase Bank is no longer willing to negotiate and demanding back payments and penalties totaling more than $59,000. The home will be auctioned off as soon as tomorrow.

“We've never tried to get out of paying a penny of it, even the fees they've tacked on that we don't agree with," Jason said. "It is just a huge amount of money, and Chase is intractable."

The Sparks says Chase bank will move them into modification again. At $500 a month, they can only afford it if they pay the entire lump sum in addition to the $59,000.

That is just out of reach, but then again the Sparks family has done the impossible before. What were the odds that they could rescue three kids from hell and turn them into loving productive people?

Even with all their hardships, the Sparks are still focused on the children.

“We just want this for Robert," Cathy said. "He is the fourth generation of Sparks in this home, and we want him to grow old here."

Out of desperation, the Sparks started a GoFundMe page. CLICK HERE if you would like to contribute.

They have nearly $7,000 so far. They are hoping that Chase Bank will accept a smaller sum and allow them to stay in their family home. We will keep you updated.

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