FERRIER FILES: Middle Tennessee family speaks about lasting harm of drug use and driving

FERRIER FILES: Middle Tennessee family speaks about lasting harm of drug use and driving (FOX 17 News)

Tennessee has made it clear that violent criminals get the longest sentences, but what about people who abuse drugs and drive?

Hickman County’s Terri Williams-Adcock can still hardly talk about the day she got a hysterical call that her husband and her three daughters had been in a bad car accident.

“Those four minutes just trying to get down the road, I didn't know what I was going to pull up on,”Williams-Adcock said.

She pulled up on a crash in front of the dollar general on Highway 46 in Hickman County. Her family was hit by a woman driving between 72 and 76 mph after passing cars in the no passing zone, according to troopers.

The woman driving the car was Sharla Bush. She would later told police she was drinking, had done cocaine and taken pills.

For some reason, Terri Williams-Adcock started videotaping the wreck scene. Her video showed multiple items associated with drug use found in the car. The trooper noted there were several pill bottles including a prescription filled just two days earlier to another woman.

“There was one pill left in that pill,” said Williams-Adcock.

Sharla Bush was already out on bond for driving without a license. She had a long history of drug problems and driving problems. She's been booked on charges in Hickman, Davidson and Dickson counties.

Although she was driving while on probation for illegal driving, her probation wasn’t revoked. She simply bonded out again.

Once in court, the Adcocks were ready to testify. They wanted the maximum, but Sharla Bush pleaded out instead. The Adcocks said they weren't notified until it was over.

“My family was worth four days in jail...four days," Williams-Adcock said. "The reasons that she gave is she didn't think I would want to put the children through that. We didn't get to make that choice."

Since those four days in jail, records show Sharla Bush has been arrested again twice. She is still driving without a license and there is a felony warrant outstanding.

“You're not immune,” said Williams-Adcock. "I am not immune. It is a revolving door."

Her daughter Skyla came to FOX 17 News' interview for this story. Her mom didn't expect her talk because she has never talked about the accident since March.

Williams-Adcock said she thought it would be good for her daughter to see that what happened after the crash was a big deal.

Skyla decided to share her story.

“It affected my whole life," Skyla said. "I can't do the things I want to do anymore."

Like the excitement that comes when you're 16 and your going to get your license, Skyla doesn't want one.

“After the wreck, I experienced anxiety to where I couldn't eat," Skyla said."I couldn't sleep. I ended up staying up late in the morning on a school nights. I just don’t want to drive anymore."

District Attorney Kim Helper said the sentence was in line with a DUI first offense and that it followed the spirit of the law.

Helper said she is planning on revoking Bush's bond. If that happens, Bush will spend another 11 months in jail.

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