FERRIER FILES: Mayor Barry's future in Nashville after admitting to affair

(Fox 17 News)

Even some friends of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry say they think her career is over and even if she survives all these investigations, she is a lame duck.

Mayor Barry, at least publicly, thinks she still has a chance to lead.

“I am sorry," Barry said. "I own the mistake, but I am going to do what I was elected to do."

But it is not that easy.

The jokes are all over the internet with memes came out within an hour of Mayor Barry's first confession of the affair she had with her hear of security. It has not relented, and they keep coming from all over the country.

The mayor tweets about business, and the answers are personal.

“You know I am not looking, and that is not far from previously," Barry said. "People who aren't supporters weren't before, but now their comments are probably hurtful and mean-spirited. I just don't want to put that in my space right now."

Mayor Barry said she is not paying attention, but on the day she admitted her affair, she also tweeted out and asked for forgiveness.

She has used social media as a tool in restoration. A restoration she continues on a daily basis. She has continued to discuss her affair with Sgt. Rob Forrest.

While said she would not answer questions once the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation got involved, her administration decided to instead talk about the possible waste of taxpayer money.

It was immediately apparent that Mayor Barry had extended stays when alone with Sgt. Forrest on at least four occasions. The mayor says she paid her own way on those days, but admitted taxpayers picked up the hotel tab for Sgt. Forrest on at least those four days.

“We put everything out there," Barry said. "There are three investigations going on. There will be no misuse of taxpayers dollars found, absolutely confident."

Despite the fact even some friends thinks she has destroyed her political career, she is planning a comeback.

“I think we have spent a lot of time talking about this," Barry said. "I have hurt people, but at the end of the day I am going to do the job I was elected to do."

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