FERRIER FILES: Lawrence County neighbors worried after 4 suspicious deaths in 2 weeks

(Fox 17 News)

Lawrence County neighbors are concerned after reports of four suspicious deaths in the past two weeks.

To put this into perspective, that is like Nashville suffering 68 deaths in two weeks. This is unprecedented.

Lawrence County is small. Everyone knows everyone so when four people die suspiciously in two weeks, everybody knows at least one of the people murdered.

It is disturbing even for a law enforcement veteran.

“I've been doing this for 18 years, said Lawerence County Sheriff’s Department Captain Adam Brewer. "Now I've never dealt with anything like this. We have a pretty good record making arrests and making convictions. To have four at one is a plateful. This is more than we normally have in a year."

It all started on Jan. 12 when Richard Dube was found dead on Revilo road in Leoma, Lawrence County. Officers said he died in a hit-and-run crash.

Two days later, Dustin Sanker was found dead in the woods again near Leoma. Police said there was no obvious sign of death but ruled the 37-year-old man's death as suspicious.

On Jan. 17, Zachary Glover, a 27-year-old manager of a local fast food restaurant, was found shot and killed on Annette Street in Leoma.

Then on Sunday, 50-year-old Connis Burke died in a house fire just outside Lawrenceburg. The bomb and arson squad have been brought in to assist.

With all these suspicious deaths, residents are concerned.

“If you have ever been in Leoma, it is real small, for the most part friendly," Alex Shoumake said. "It’s just really rare for that to happen. A lot of people making speculations, but we really don't know anything. Everybody is upset, and in a county like this everyone seems to know at least one of the victims."

People in town are speculating; are these all related?

The Lawrence County Sheriff's department does not believe so-- four very different deaths, four very different people from four very different walks of life.

"A lot of rumors get started, and a lot of people feel it is related so they feel like who is next," Capt. Brewer said. "But I am 98 percent certain they are not related. These are open investigations. We are working them hard, but all these instances happening at the same time...its just really bad timing. There is no reason to believe they are linked at all."

There was a big multi-agency meeting Wednesday morning, and there are some new leads. The good news is the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department has a very good record of solving murders.

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