FERRIER FILES: Embattled Sumner County lawyer appears in court

(Fox 17 News)

A suspended Sumner County lawyer has so many charges against him that it's hard to add them all up.

Andy Allman has more than 20 criminal cases against him. The Professional Board of Responsibility says he cheated, mistreated or stole from more than 100 clients.

A special lawyer appointed by the supreme court believes Andy Allman should spend 480 days in jail and pay a fine of $6,950.00 for 139 violations of the court's order. A separate disciplinary action panel recommended Allman be disbarred and pay $320,050 in restitution to 79 clients.

That has nothing to do with the 20 plus criminal charges he has against him in two counties.

Andy Allman is accused of stealing $230,000 from Baylor Bramble's family, the boy hurt so badly in a football injury.

Basically, Baylor's grandfather died and the family sold his house so they could get Baylor treatment. The house sold for $ 230,000, and the family gave the check to lawyer Alllman to put into trust.

“It disappeared the next day. Gone,” said Baylor’s aunt Cathy Brown.”Right after he took my money, he and his wife are at the boat show in Fort Lauderdale saying life is good."

The board of professional responsibility now has verified 114 complaints against Andy Allman, amounting to near a half million dollars.

Allman has not worked since September of 2016, but somehow maintains a very nice lifestyle

A beautiful home, 3 nice cars, a boat, a member of the Bluegrass Country Club and lavish trips all over the world.

His victims, many who gathered at the Fox 17 News studio, are furious about this:

“I’m in contact with about 90 of them," Brown said. "We are all trying to fight against evil which we call Andy Allman."

Fox 17 News Reporter Dennis Ferrier went to court to confront Mr. Allman about his lifestyle. He was clearly upset we dared put the camera on him.

He refused to answer any of our questions and pushed Fox17 reporter Dennis Ferrier

His lawyer says things are not what they appear to be:

“What we know is that many of those (claims) aren't valid,”said Attorney Alex Little. "I think that is why we have due process. They need to prove these allegations are true, and we will prove they do not have merit, that is what we are looking forward to doing."

Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Lefkvitz stopped Allman from filing for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy judge called Allman bankruptcy a "scheme" to avoid creditors and said "how can you claim bankruptcy and plead the 5th" when asked to explain.

“You can't have it both ways," Lefkvitz said. "If you are going to be in bankruptcy court, you tell it all you become transparent. Your life is an open book. But not Andy. He has acted like he the victim, He doesn’t understand the hundreds of people that trusted and relied on him. He is a disappointment to the legal system and everyone who has ever come in contact with him."

Lefkovitz did all of his bankruptcy work for free.

“How can you charge those people after all they have gone through," Lefkvitz said. "The realtor didn’t charge them for selling the house. That’s what you do....And what really backfired for Mr. Allman is he is now prevented from every getting bankruptcy protection from any of his victims."

Allman has trial scheduled in Davidson County and Sumner County for multiple counts of felony theft.

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