FERRIER FILES: Defendant removed from Lauren Agee lawsuit

Lauren Agee

A judge decided Friday to remove one of the defendants in the wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Lauren Agee.

This decisions come after hundreds of documents were submitted in the case. Lauren Agee was found dead in Center Hill Lake on a camping trip in 2015.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Department ruled Agee's death accidental, prompting the family opened its own private investigation. As a result of that investigation, the family is suing the four people who went camping with Lauren for her wrongful death.

One of their main contentions today focused on Hannah Palmer, Aaron Lilly and Chris Stoudt changing their stories about what happened the night Lauren died.

The Agee family says they have proof there are four different stories out there, but they can't get anywhere because Hannah Palmer will not answer questions.

In a Putnam County court room Friday, Circuit Court Judge John young said the Agee family has fallen short in providing evidence that Hannah Palmer was involved in Lauren Agee’s death.

“The court finds that the plaintiffs have failed to produce any evidence that Hannah Palmer either intentionally, recklessly or negligently caused any harm to Lauren Agee either directly or approximately," Judge Young said. "There is at best some smoke hanging around Mr. Lilly do to his actions and statements, but nothing in regards to miss Palmer. Further the only thing the plaintiff has proven is that the police possibly could have done more with their investigation."

With that, Hannah Palmer was removed from the wrongful death lawsuit to the great relief of her family.

“I think they are very relieved to have this matter behind them it was great stress," said Palmer’s Attorney Todd Cole. "Given the allegations against a child, they are very relieved to have it behind them."

Agee's family vows to appeal as soon as possible.

"It is somewhat of a perversion of the justice system to allow someone to not answer a question yes or no if they killed someone and act as if there is no evidence out there, which we clearly have all kinds of circumstantial evidence and witnesses and conflicting statements,” said Agee Family Attorney Alex Little. "I think this is not the end of the case. I think justice will prevail."

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