FERRIER FILES: Color blind Tennesseans overwhelmed seeing fall foliage for the first time

Foothills Parkway (Fox 17 News)

Fall in Tennessee looks like a walk through heaven, but Tennesseans with colorblindness never get to experience that wonder.

There's no better place to take that fall walk than the Great Smoky Mountains. The Tennessee Department of Tourism is helping people with colorblindness see the fall colors that normally look like a greenish, gray brown.

It's installing special viewfinders in three scenic locations just for people who are colorblind. The special viewfinders compensate and allow people to see the fall colors in their natural splendor.

Fox 17 News caught the special moments when three colorblind men from Tennessee got to see fall foliage for the first time.

Meet Todd

Todd Heil is a maintenance man at Hollywood wax museum. He's a happy man and couldn't even come up with one downside of being colorblind.

“Its all just one color," Heil said. "I’d say I would mind but I don’t know anything different."

Watch below as his who cares attitude dissolved when he looked through the viewfinder for the first time.

Meet Steven

Steven Brewer lives in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Since childhood, fall has meant crisp weather and nothing else.

He remembered using the orange crayon to color green grass in school.

“I was frustrated nobody understood; my teachers my classmates, my wife doesn’t really understand,” Brewer said.

Watch the powerful moment when he finally understood what he had been missing.

Meet James

James Nichol, from Cosby, Tennessee, dreamt of being a pilot. That dream was ruined by his colorblindness.

There have been many disappointments over 67 years, and James is stoic. His wife is not.

“It is so sad, absolutely sad," Dorothy Nichol said. "I wish he could see what I see."

Watch the overwhelming moment when the retired engineer was overwhelmed to find out what the fall colors really looked like.

There is a viewfinder at the Big South Fork near Oneida, Tennessee, and another on I-26 in Unicoi County near Erwin, Tennessee.

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