FEMA should get $400K back from Nashville for 2010 floods, feds say

Harriet Wallace Photo

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should get more than $400,000 it gave to Nashville for the deadly 2010 floods - according to federal officials.

The 2010 floods killed 11 people and caused $2 billion in property damage, according to Metro officials. FEMA awarded $70.3 million for a total of 761 projects pertaining to the floods.

According to report, the Office of the Inspector General, Nashville and Davidson County "didn't always account for and expend grant fund appropriately."

"We identified $413,074 of project costs that FEMA should disallow, including $402,552 in contract charges not supported by adequate documentation and $10,522 in duplicate costs."

The OIG said there is inadequate documentation to support costs - including "duplicate project costs."

The OIG is also recommending an insurance review.

"We recommend the Regional Administrator, FEMA Region IV, complete the insurance review and allocate the applicable insurance proceeds to the County’s projects to reduce project costs," the report said.

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