FBI searching for armored truck driver, possibly stole $850k in Kentucky

FOX News, Courtesy of the Louisville Metro Police Department

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A former armored truck employee is considered "armed and dangerous" when authorities say he disappeared with possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mark Espinosa, 29, went missing on Dec. 5 in Louisville, Ky. while he was working for GardaWorld, reports FOX News.

Lt. Steven Kaufling announced in a news conference on Wednesday that Espinosa was "allegedly directly involved" in the theft of a "large amount of U.S. currency", the Courier-Journal reported it's an estimated $850,000. Kaufling told reporters that they believe he "has taken steps to plan out this theft and has taken steps to cover up his planning."

A federal warrant was issued Thursday morning and he is charged with theft of an interstate shipment.

A Louisville news outlet reported to FOX that Espinosa was let go from GardaWorld "within five days of his disappearance" but police are unsure of why he was released from the company.

Espinosa is a while male who is described as 5'10", 230-235 Ibs., black hair, brown eyes and has ties in the Northeast, West Coast, Texas and in Florida. His family is reportedly cooperating with police.

A $60,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest and for those involved, also the recovery of the stolen money. Anyone with information should contact the FBI office in Louisville at 502-263-6000.

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