Family urges parents to get kids flu shot after 7-year-old daughter goes into a coma, dies

    Selina Nguyen-Go Fund Me Page

    A Denver family is calling for other families to get their children the flu vaccine after losing their 7-year-old daughter this week due to complications from the flu.

    Little Selina Nguyen fell ill just before Christmas with symptoms typical of a normal cold or flu according to a Go Fund Me page raising money for the family. However, her symptoms worsened in less than 48 hours and she was rushed to the hospital.

    Nguyen went into a coma and lost brain activity. According to the page, doctors had to conduct surgery on the girl in January to relieve pressure on her brain. Unfortunately, despite multiple efforts by doctors to save the girl, Nguyen died last Sunday (February 10).

    The page states the family made the decision to take her off life support given her brain never showed any activity since she went to the hospital on December 23.

    The Go Fund Me states the family wants to spread awareness to families about getting their children vaccinated after losing their child to the H1N1 flu virus. Nguyen was not vaccinated this year.

    A memorial service has been scheduled for this Sunday in Denver where Nguyen will be cremated.The Go Fund Me has raised $5,717 to help the family and any funds not used specifically for the girl will be donated to charity.

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