Family pleads for help catching people who gunned down elderly man in south Nashville

(Submitted to Fox 17 News)

A grieving family pleads for help catching the people who gunned down an elderly man in cold blood.

Metro Police investigated three shootings Thursday night, two deadly, in just hours.

One of the victims is a 74-year-old man who traveled to Nashville from China to be with his son.

Standing on the back porch, Yun Wang translates the words of his mother, Yong Ling Zhai and the heartbreak they share.

"We will love him. We will always miss him," Wang, translating his mother's words from Chinese to English, said.

The two are holding a photograph of Ruxin Wang.

"He treated everybody nicely, always smiles," Wang said. "He always put everybody first."

The 74 year old husband and father had gone outside to get a trash can when his wife heard two gunshots.

"My mom panicked," Wang said. "She never heard a gunshot, this is the first time. I came outside looking around and finally saw my dad over there lying down breathless, pale, cold."

On one side of Claiborne Street there are burned out boarded up homes of the past.

On the other side, new homes like the one Yun Wang bought just last month.

"This is the American dream. This is my immigrant dream." Wang said. "But yesterday the merciless murder of my dad just turned it into a nightmare."

Witnesses tell Metro Nashville Police they saw several young men possibly juveniles running away after the shooting.

Neighbors say break-ins and gunshots are common here.

Yun Wang hopes that somehow his father's death can change that.

"I hope they will catch who ever killed my dad and also I hope my dad can be the change the community needs," Wang said.

Yun says investigators are hoping surveillance video from homes in the area may have captured the suspects running from the scene.

He's hoping someone with information will contact Metro Police.

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