Family of bicyclist killed in Natchez Trace crash urges drivers to slow down

(Fox 17 News)

The leaves are beautiful in the air is peaceful along Natchez Trace, but among the gold red and green, something unnatural stands out.

Bright neon paint on the asphalt along mile 418 marks the spot of the crash that killed bike rider Randall Singleton.

"He went peacefully last night with all his family around," his brother Gary Singleton said at the scene on Thursday.

Randall Singleton suffered serious head and leg injuries, after a car hit him on the popular trail on Sunday. He died three days later at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

His brother went back to the scene Thursday morning with a message for drivers.

"Please be patient," Singleton said. "Please be respectful. Please let everybody enjoy this place and go home to their families safely and enjoy the day."

John Wall rode by mile marker 418 a few minutes later.

"I take a break at mile marker 417 so that could have been me," Wall, who also rode on Sunday, said.

Bicyclists have the right to the whole lane along the stretch of federal road. But that didn't stop some vehicles Fox 17 News caught on camera creating a dangerous situation.

It's still unclear exactly what led to the crash that took Singleton's life, but his brother won't let it happen in vain.

"Please share this road," Singleton said. "Be respectful of each other."

The driver who hit Singleton over the weekend stayed at the scene of the crash and is cooperating with investigators, according to the National Parks Service.

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