Family desperate to find missing 15-year-old son who escaped Gallatin treatment facility

Dylan Regenold-Missing Poster

A couple is still desperately searching for 15-year-old Dylan Regenold, their mentally-ill son who escaped a facility in Gallatin.

These parents are heartbroken, searching for their son since last Friday.

They say he tied some sheets together and climbed out of the window in the middle of the night at the Youth Volunteer Academy.

Dylan's mother says staff is responsible for checking on the residents every 15 minutes, it's called Q-15.

“Dylan had literally cut the window out of the wall, so had the gentleman been going in every 15 minutes like he was supposed to, Dylan would have never had the opportunity to do that; the bed sheets were still hanging out of the window the next morning when the staff arrived. I don't believe that he even went in even during the night to see him sleeping, supposedly, otherwise he would have seen that the window was out,” said Dylan’s mom, Cassara Regenold.

She says it was about seven hours until anyone realized he was gone, and says the man told her Dylan formed a body out of bed sheets and clothes, so the man thought Dylan was asleep.

But for them, the past three nights have been sleepless.

“I'm just desperate to find my son, I’m tired,” Cassara Regenold said.

Officials believe Dylan may have stolen a car, his roommates said that was his plan.

The same night he ran away, a black, 2008 Pathfinder was reported missing in the area.

So far, that's the only lead his parents have at the moment. They say he's ran away before but never for this long. They also don't think he would have stayed in the area.

“We have no idea where to look, no idea. He could be in another state, multiple states away. We just don't know.”

The academy did issue a statement saying they are still investigating how Dylan escaped and will work with authorities in any way they can to help find him.

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