Eviction papers filed against East Nashville hookah bar with violent reputation

Eviction papers filed against East Nashville's Cloud IX hookah bar with violent reputation (Fox 17 News)

Property owners filed papers to evict an East Nashville hookah bar, where at least two deadly shootings took place in the last seven months.

For the second time this year, the Gallatin Pike hot spot became the scene of a deadly shooting. Property owners Ben and Ann Mitchell claim Cloud IX owner Erica Fenton owes more than $175,000 in rent money.

The plaintiff's attorney could not be reached for comment, but neighbors and surrounding businesses said they want the bar gone for other reasons.

"It's been a bad relationship, and it's largely because of whatever element it is that she caters to comes in and creates problems," saidJohn Harris, neighboring property owner.

Harris, who owns an entire strip of commercial property next door, sid he's been receiving complaints about Cloud IX for months now.

"Our experience has been primarily calls from our tenants with complaints about trespassing, complaints about threats and aggression, littering on the property," Harris said.

Saturday marked the second deadly shooting on the property this year. The first happened back in May.

"We have a serious problem here and this was strike two," said Metro City Council Member Anthony Davis.

According to Metro Police, there have been 12 police calls to Cloud IX directly since January including two shootings, six reports of disorderly people or fights, and four business alarms.

Neighbors said they're scared by the activity that goes on there, and they didn't want to go on camera for fear of retaliation.

"I heard it," one neighbor said. "I was asleep, and I was woken up because I thought it was fireworks but then I heard someone had been killed."

"I'm concerned for my safety and the safety of my family and my infant son," said another neighbor.

Metro City Council representatives for this area said Metro Police are currently gathering evidence to call this place a public nuisance and get a padlock order. The court date for the eviction notice was set for Jan. 4.

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