Combating costly flu epidemic


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Nationwide the flu takes a toll every years, but it's severe this year with a record amount of sick days for employers. The CDC says the flu costs businesses about $10b every year.

Stan Marlar, who runs 180 Zone, says, "Be proactive. People are always reactive and that's human by nature. What we all do is wait until we get sick and then go to the doctor and then get medicine. It ends up costing more, you miss work, you're sick, you feel horrible and for a little bit upfront you can prevent all that. "

The mid-state business sanitizes homes, cars, schools and works places with a non-toxic ozone treatment and spray according to the owner.

"Punctures the cell wall and the bacteria can't survive. So it's constantly for several months, killing these viruses," says Marlar.

The flu is something 180 Zone customers have successfully fought with the treatment, like Leona Shew. She says, "Everything was clean. I was protected. But most important thing - it protected my family."

"Some of these viruses can survive on surfaces for days, sometimes weeks at a time," Marlar says. "By doing our process we kill any kind of virus in a home and then we put that spray back to prevent any virus from coming back. In some cases its 90 days, but it can last even longer. "

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