Emotional testimony from victim and accused rapist on Vanderbilt trial Day 3

Brandon Banks breaks down after intense questioning by Asst. DA Jan Norman. (WZTV)

Wednesday was a day of emotional testimony as a former Vanderbilt football player and the woman he's accused of raping both took the stand.

Prosecutors have rested their case in for the third defendant, Brandon Banks. He's one of four former Vanderbilt football players accused of raping an unconscious female student in a dorm room.

Speaking in his own defense, Brandon Banks explained why he stayed in the dorm room the as unconscious woman was sexually assaulted.

"The goal was to get her to the room," Banks said. "I feel I was being selfish thinking about what would be done to me instead of her. I didn't watch out for her."

Banks said he'd been ridiculed and called gay for not having sex with women on campus as part of what football players called "the body count" to track how many women they had sex with.

Banks said he felt trapped the night of the gang rape.

"Tip said 'man y'all chill out,' and I said 'man, I'm out,'" Banks said. "As soon as I said 'I'm out' that's when they hopped on me. No you not f-ing going nowhere."

Assistant District Attorney, Jan Norman then went on the attack.

"You were afraid Mr. Vandenburg was going to punch you break your arms beat you to a pulp right then and there if you didn't take that picture," Norman said.

"Yes, he could have," Banks said.

Prosecutors focused on the victim in Wednesday's trial.

Prosecutor: Did you know someone named Brandon Banks?

Victim: No.

Prosector: Had you ever met?

Victim: No

The woman is testifying in her fourth trial and said she doesn't remember the rape.

On Wednesday, one of the men who does remember the assault, Brandon Banks, claims he had no choice but to take part.

"I squeezed the bottle, yes, and I touched her," Banks said.

"And you stayed in the room," Norman said.

"I couldn't leave," Banks said.

If the trial stays on schedule, jurors will hear from three defense witnesses before closing arguments on Thursday.

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