Elderly woman found in 'storage' closet at Tennessee health care facility

    Photo: BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.-A Tennessee health care facility for the elderly has been suspended from new admissions after inspectors found multiple violations, including a woman placed inside a closed storage closet.

    According to the survey report filed on September 24, an investigation into Caring Estates in Arlington was launched following several complaints. Among the complaints cited in the report were residents having their mail withheld, residents being cared for in which the facility did not have a license, and residents not receiving proper care.

    In one case, investigators say documents show employees did not elevate a 90-year-old woman's legs as instructed and the woman developed a venous stasis ulcer. The woman was later transferred to a hospital because Caring Estates had no nurse employed able to administer medication for the woman. She later died at a long term care facility.

    In another case, the surveyor was walking with an employee down a hallway when the surveyor asked what was behind a door. The employee stated it was "storage." However, when the door was opened, the surveyor found an elderly woman in a wheelchair eating breakfast. The employee told the surveyor one name but the woman stated her name was different than what was told.

    The woman then told the surveyor "Someone said I had a bed sore, someone made it up. I've been living here since the first of the year, they gave me some cereal with milk but milk doesn't agree with me. I don't know why I'm eating in this room this morning."

    The facility has been ordered to suspend new admissions in the wake of the investigation starting October 9. The suspension remains in effect until conditions are shown to have been corrected.

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