Edgehill neighbors upset over plans to sell park


There might be money for Metro Nashville Public Schools after all, but the plan to get that money has some living in the Edgehill community pretty upset.

It all comes down the sale of a community park where neighbors like William McClatchey plays basketball.

“I love it," McClatchey said. "It’s a great spot. It’s right by me. Probably (come here) about two or three times a week to walk around in the sunshine or just shoot hoops or whatever."

He along with others who live in this area are calling foul on a plan to sell the park that includes a community garden for private development.

“If this garden goes away, it would be a hard pill to swallow,” Brenda Morrow said.

“It is being stolen out from under residents,” said Mark Schlicher, co-chair of the Edmondson Home Site and Community Park Coalition. "Why should Nashville as a whole be concerned? Well, it could happen to you. Your neighborhood could be next."

Nashville Mayor David Briley included the park in his proposed budget for the sale of the now-closed Murrell School site.

Five million of the potential multi-million dollar sale would help fund Metro Schools. While Schlicher agrees with funding schools, he doesn’t agree with using the park to do so.

“This runaway development and these underhanded tactics are not acceptable. Engage in a real process,” Schlicher.

Fox 17 News reached out to Mayor Briley. His spokesperson sent the following statement:

“The Mayor’s Office has been in touch with Metro Schools, MDHA and Councilman Colby Sledge about the future of the Murrell School property. Once the operating budget process is finished, we’ll start a robust community engagement process to talk about what needs to happen there. We’re committed to working with everyone to find the right answer for Edgehill and for Nashville.”

Brenda Morrow, who heads the community garden, says she will keep her fingers crossed but keep pruning the garden while she waits.

“It would be a loss," Morrow said. "It would be a great loss to this community, but I always say it is what it is. We’re going to deal with this."

If Metro Council approves the sale in the mayor’s proposed budget, that won’t be the last stop for the plan. The Metro School Board will also have to vote to approve the plan to sale.

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