Dozens of downtown pedestrians call for crosswalk near Music City Center

(Fox 17 News)

Pedestrians are requesting a crosswalk on 8th Avenue South between the Music City Center and The Westin.

There are hundreds of people attending an event at the MCC or staying at The Westin, who cross the street at a dangerous point on 8th Avenue South everyday.

There are two crosswalks at the end of the block; one at the 8th Avenue roundabout and the other at Demonbreun and 8th Avenue. However, no one uses due to their distance from the entrance of The Westin and The Oak Steakhouse.

“It’s kind of difficult," Al Cornish said. "They probably need a walkway here."

“We had to take our life in our hands to cross this busy road,” Rebecca Smith said.

“Real dangerous because you can get hit real easily out here,” Mike Williams said.

Dominick Delledera is the General Manager at the Oak Steakhouse, adjacent to the Westin Hotel. He said he'd like to see a crosswalk installed as soon as possible.

“You’ll see anywhere from a couple people walking over to a hundred at a time when a convention lets out,” Delledera said. "It is definitely challenging."

Metro Councilmember Mina Johnson had first-hand experience dealing with the tough street. She said every construction site should have submitted a walkability plan.

“As a councilmember, we need to make sure the plan is submitted correctly and also we need to ask public works help us to promote those plans,” Johnson said.

Metro Public Works has yet to respond to Fox 17 News about this issue.

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