Donelson dog groomer blamed by customer for injury leading to dog's death

Photo of Alice Perez' dog Lucy reportedly taken after leaving the groomer. (Photo courtesy of Alice Perez)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A Donelson woman claims her dog died after being brought home injured from the groomer.

Alice Perez said her dog, Lucy, was healthy before she brought her to Spot's Pet Supply & Dog Wash in Donelson on Saturday. Perez says the Nashville Pet ER Clinic diagnosed Lucy with having a spinal cord injury following the visit to Spot's, and had to put her down.

The owner of Spot's sent a statement to FOX 17 News denying Perez' claim.

"We wanted to give an update that we have been in communications throughout today with Alice Perez regarding her dog's experience at our Donelson location yesterday. Our staff made the decision to accept the dog into our care for grooming yesterday although the dog was in both negligent condition and questionable health. (see photos of pus coming out of the dog's ears below from the groomer) We returned the dog to Perez yesterday and were contacted by her this morning that she euthanized the animal due to extensive spinal injury. Our team stands by the fact that this did not occur while the dog was in our possession. We have requested the deceased dog's medical records from the veterinarian but they will not release the records without Perez's consent. We have also directly requested this from the owner and hope to receive this information to validate the negligent condition of the dog when we are slated to meet with Perez tomorrow. To date, the owner has presented a receipt from yesterday's vet appointment but no documentation of the dog's previous condition. Lucy the dog left in the same physical condition that she came in with the only update being that she was freshly groomed."

Perez responded to the businesses' statement.

"She did have a chronic issue with her ears and we have done everything we can but she produces excess ear wax, which is a health issue of her particular breed. They may try to make it look bad, but I took care of her, and they are trying to claim that they returned her the same way I brought her in. It is a complete lie."

Saturday was the grand opening for the Donelson location.

A meeting is tentatively planned between Perez and Spot's on Monday.

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