Dolly Parton talks "I Believe in You" album with FOX 17 News

Dolly Parton-MGN

After 50-years in the music business Dolly Parton has done just about everything. Everything but record a children's album. Now, she's done that too. "I kind of use things that kind of talk to children, what they go through in their lives and tools that they'll need to grow," Parton said in an exclusive interview with Fox 17 News.

The music legend just released her first children's album called "I Believe in You." One of the songs, "Coat of Many Colors" tells the story of her life that was recently turned into a made for tv movie.

Another track deals with bullying head on. "We have one called making fun ain't funny. so children have to be taught that that's not the thing to do and how would you feel if you're the one they're laughing at so i try to tell em' all of these messages but in a positive way," Parton says.

That's Dolly Parton, always positive and trying to bring others up with her. All proceeds from this new record go to Dolly's Imagination Library program which has put a hundred million books in the hands of new readers over the past 20-years.

Dolly doesn't have any kids of her own but she certainly has a heart for them. She says this project has been on her to-do list for a long time. "It just seemed to be the right time. I’ve always kind of known when and when not to do. and for years I’ve wanted to do it and now it just seemed right," Parton says.

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