District Attorney asks TBI to investigate Nashville Mayor Megan Barry following affair

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District Attorney Glenn Funk has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate after Nashville Mayor Megan Barry admitted to an having an affair with her former head of security.

Funk is asking asked TBI Director Mark Gwyn to investigate whether Barry and others, including her former head of security Sgt. Rob Forrest, violated any criminal law including misappropriation of public funds and official misconduct.

“Earlier this morning, I spoke with General Funk and he informed me that he would be requesting a TBI investigation that could answer questions of legality in this matter," Mayor Barry said in a statement. "I will fully cooperate with this process, but as this is an ongoing investigation, I will have no further comments about this matter.”

Barry admitted to the affair Wednesday evening, saying she accepts "full responsibility for pain" she's caused to both her family and Forrest's family. Speaking to reporters after news broke, she said she plans to continue serving in office.

"God will forgive me, but the people of Nashville don’t have to. In the weeks and months to come, I will work hard to earn your forgiveness and earn back your trust," Barry said.

Mayor Megan Barry said she can no longer comment now that she is being investigated by the TBI for spending and travel while being accompanied by Forrest.

Meanwhile, Forrest issued a statement saying he "deeply regrets" that his professional relationship with the mayor turned into a personal one. He announced his retirement after a 32-year career at Metro Nashville Police Department.

Forrest is a Nashville native, who served as head of security for Nashville Mayors Bill Purcell, Phil Bredesen, Karl Dean, and Megan Barry.

Travel records show Barry and Sgt. Forrest making several business-related trips just the two of them. Mayor Barry denied any illegal activity throughout the affair. Barry accumulated more than $33,000 in travel expenses combined between her and Forrest from January 2017 to late October 2017, and said all of the trips were business-related.

“I think the Karl Dean comparison is not going to work well with her at some point you will be able to look thorough the records," strategist steve Gill said. "Karl Dean was everywhere. Obviously Sgt. Forrest’s overtime went up the more he engaged with a relationship with the mayor."

MNPD also released Forrest's overtime pay for the last six years.

Records show at least nine trips that the pair took alone. According to mayor Barry's schedule she arrived in Kansas City Thursday night on a business trip related to transit. She had official business all day Friday going into the evening.

After Friday night, she was done but records show she stayed until Sunday morning with no official business. She left Sunday at 11:30 a.m. to fly back to Nashville with Sgt. Forrest who marked six hours of overtime for that Sunday.

“What is she doing in Kansas City with her boyfriend other than being with her boyfriend," Gill said. "There is no reason to still be in Kansas City if they are not doing anything official."

So what about expenses? Sgt. Forrest put down $473 for a hotel and $400 for a rental car and gas. Mayor Barry shows zero expenses for the entire trip.

Metro Councilwoman Sheri Weiner, he head of Metro Council’s Ethics Committee, said they are aware of what’s going on but are not not actively doing an investigation. They are, however, prepared to investigate should a formal complaint be filed. In order for the committee to do an investigation, someone must file a formal complaint of which the Metro legal department deems necessary to look in to.

This is a breaking news story and wil be updated.

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