Discovery of Joe Clyde's blanket brings flood of emotions for Dickson neighbors

(TBI/Submitted to Fox 17 News)

The discovery of Joe Clyde Daniels’ blanket unearthed a myriad of emotions in the Dickson community aching to lay Baby Joe to rest.

The blanket represents one of the first pieces of concrete evidence found in the search for Joe Clyde. A source close to the investigation said crews found the blanket along CCC Road in Dickson on Wednesday.

Joseph Ray Daniels has given police no less than six possible locations of Joe Clyde’s body. To date, none of those tips have produced a discovery. However, CCC Road where the blanket was found was a location Joseph Ray had mentioned to authorities.

“I think the blanket stirred up some more emotions, but I think it gave a sense of hope as well,” said Ron Long, owner of Doc’s Barbershop in downtown Dickson.

His shop donated all of its Wednesday profits to the family of recently deceased Sgt. Daniel Baker. It also remains a hub for people hoping to stay abreast of the latest developments in the search for Baby Joe.

Investigators will search Dixon and Hickman County‘s again this weekend and Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe vows to continue the search with as many resources as possible moving forward.

“We're just as committed to that today as we were on day one,” Bledsoe said.

Joe Clyde’s parents were in court Friday to be arraigned on new charges.

Joseph Ray is now facing premeditated first-degree murder, child abuse, tampering with evidence, criminal responsibility and false report charges.

Krystal is charged with failing to prevent aggravated child abuse and neglect, false report and accessory after the fact. Both Daniels pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The district attorney is still weighing whether or not he will pursue the death penalty. That decision could come down to whether police can find his body.

“This blanket was found, and hopefully in the near future, Baby Joe will be found,” Long said.

He echoes the sentiment of so many in Dickson County that are hoping the blanket is a harbinger of future discoveries.

Texas EquuSearch is a mounted search and rescue team that hopes to make another trip to Dickson to help again in the search for the body. Authorities are still waiting to find out if any DNA on the blanket gives clues to Baby Joe’s whereabouts.

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