Deputy speaks after his brother was shot during a police standoff in Nashville

Officer shot.PNG

A Metro Nashville Police Officer was shot during an hours-long standoff in a South Nashville neighborhood on Wednesday.

The suspect Justin Jones was arrested after Metro Police said he shot at officers with his 11-year-old daughter by his side at the Tony Sudekom apartments.

Metro Officer Gerry Hutcheson was shot by Jones and survived the gunshot to his left shoulder. Police said the bullet was lodged in his jacket and did not penetrate his arm.

Fox 17 News talked to Officer Hutcheson, who showed his arm and said he was lucky. Officer Hutcheson connected us with his brother David Hutcheson, who is a deputy with the Todd County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky.

“In my opinion, I think God was looking out for him,” David Hutcheson said. “He's still a little shaken up, which is kind of to be expected considering what he was involved in.”

David said the brothers bonded taking martial arts.

“He was the older brother," David said. "I grew up being like 'man I want to be like him’.'"

Now as both men put their lives on the line as officers, David said they often talk about their jobs.

“Where I work is a rural area so my calls are slightly different than his,” David said. “His are more hectic I'll be honest because it's a bigger city obviously.”

Nashville Fraternal Order of Police President James Smallwood said each officer reacts to being shot differently when it comes to recovery time and when they return to work. Smallwood also said it’s important not to forget the way it impacts their families.

“When their loved one leaves the home for shift that day whether it be a spouse, father, son, brother, sister,” Smallwood said. “They don't know if their loved one is going to return. And then when something like this happens, that only amplifies this.”

While Gerry Hutcheson takes time off to rest, his brother David will continue to be proud of him.

“He's someone I always looked up to,” David said. “He's tried to do everything right the best he can and just always trying to set a good example.”

Officer Hutcheson is a father of three and has been a police officer for 17 years.

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