Deon Brown, Daniel Shields families long wait for justice after two brutal murders

Photos: MGN Online, FOX 17 News

A documentary filmmaker seeks to highlight the struggle of Tennessee's LGBTQ community in a new docuseries called, "The GAYS."

Anthony Lofties started Altrio Entertainment, and he will highlight the case of Deon Brown -- a Nashville man who was brutally stabbed to death at a trucking company in 2016.

Brown's family hopes for justice this week as Christopher Gadsden, Brown's accused killer, stands trial.

"I wouldn't wish anyone to lose a loved one," said Lofties who will speak with Brown's mother Joyce Seay. "His tragedy overshadowed the presentation of his life."

Police believe that Christopher Gadsden stabbed Deon Brown and then drove off in his Pontiac. Some time later, police found Gadsden out of state. Lofties hopes that his docuseries will show that the lives of people like Brown should be labeled as more than just "gay man."

"A change is coming. It may not happen now. It may not happen next week or next year, but it's coming," Lofties said. "People are willing to accept that we may not agree with your lifestyle but we love you for who you are."

Brown's case is similar to that of beloved former bartender Daniel Shields. Brown's family has waited years for justice, and six months after Shields' death, Metro Police have still not arrested a suspect.

"He never met a stranger. He was sweet," said Kimmie Satin, a friend and coworker of Shields. "He just made you feel good when he spoke with you."

Satin is brought to tears when recalling memories of his friend who passed away in his own home. Police have investigated several leads, but Satin wonders why they are not closer to an arrest.

"For Christmas, I asked Santa all I wanted to know is who killed the young man," Satin said. "You want to give them the answers that they deserve, but I just don't have any."

Shields worked at the popular Nashville gay bar, Trax. Satin worked with him there, and the two built a tight bond. Satin goes on with life as he can; it's the only way to deal with the sadness of missing such a close friend.

He longs for the opportunity that Deon Brown's family is getting this week, but there's no guarantee that opportunity will ever come.

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