Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall hosts summit on decriminalizing mental illness


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is hosting a summit on decriminalizing mental illness.

The summit includes Dr. Kimberly Brown, Associate Professor in Vanderbilt University's Department of Psychiatry, the Chief of Corrections for Davidson County, Medical Director of the Lloyd C. Elam Mental Center, and sheriff's from counties in other states.

“It is certainly no secret my passion is working to decriminalize mental illness. I want to bring attention to the fact we hide mental illness and charge the bill to local jails by calling it a criminal justice matter,” Hall said. “People like to say we deinstitutionalized the mentally ill in the late 1960’s. No, we didn’t. We began institutionalizing them through incarceration. It is time we begin having open and honest conversations about how we treat the most vulnerable of our citizens. I am not satisfied with what is happening now, and the taxpayers shouldn’t be either.”

The summit was held on Monday in Nashville.

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