Davidson County gas station with controversial signs says Shell de-branded from store

Lewis Country Store in Davidson County, Tennessee says they are running out of gas and won't receive any more due to Shell de-branding from the store. (WZTV/Brandon Prosser)

A Davidson County gas station says Shell has de-branded from the store.

Lewis Country Store has been making headlines since at least July, when the gas station had some choice words for Hillary Clinton.

The current sign at the gas station in the 5100 block of Old Hickory Blvd says,” Now that we have your attention, never forget Benghazi, she did it to them, she will do it to you,” followed by an expletive hashtag and “All deplorables must vote Nov. 8.”

The store’s manager says right now, they have run out of unleaded and midgrade gas, and they won’t be getting anymore. The station still has premium and diesel fuel available.

The store is also only taking cash, as the credit card machine no longer works. A sign at the gas pump reads: “Due to our refusal to remove our Pro-Trump sign, Shell has de-branded us. We will not be threatened or intimidated. Our doors will remain open. Vote Trump on Nov. 8th so this does not happen to you!”

Fox 17 previously spoke with the owners, who stand behind the messages at their store.

The store’s manager said the employees and customers are backing the owners 100%.

The manager could not comment further due to pending litigation.

Fox 17 reached out to Shell who provided the following statement:

Similar to other major fuel brands, Shell retail fuels business in the U.S. primarily supplies quality motor fuels to wholesalers who operate under the Shell brand and sell Shell-branded fuels. Independent wholesalers must adhere to branding guidelines set forth in our licensing agreements. When there are violations, we ask that they are addressed. Continued violations could result in additional actions taken, including potential de-branding of the site. We can confirm that Lewis Country Store, located at Old Hickory Boulevard and Ashland City Highway in Northwest Davidson County, is no longer part of the Shell-branded network.

Fox 17 News will have more on this during the 9 p.m. newscast following the World Series.

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