David Miller executed by electric chair in Tennessee

David Earl Miller (TDOC)

The state of Tennessee executed 61-year-old David Earl Miller on Thursday night.

Miller was put on death row in 1982 for the murder of then 23-year-old Lee Standifer, and was Tennessee’s longest serving death-row inmate.

Lee Standifer was a mentally-disabled woman Miller was reportedly dating at the time.

There were no victim witnesses, but this was a statement from an Ohio woman also victimized by him:

“It is time to be done. It was time for him to pay for what he has done to me.” Tennessee Department of Corrections Spokesperson Neysa Taylor read the statement.

Records say police found Standifer’s body naked in the yard with her hands bound. Police say she had been beaten and stabbed multiple times with a fire-poker.

Execution witnesses described Miller as emotionless and expressionless.

“He was flat, listless, we could barely understand what he said. He actually had to say it twice and it as barely discernible both times,” said witness Matt Lakin.

They had to ask the lawyer to clarify, and his attorney said Miller’s last words were “beats being on death row.”

At the end, his lawyer said Miller cared deeply for Lee Standifer.

“She would be alive today if it weren’t for a sadistic stepfather,” said Assistant Community Federal Defender Stephen Kissinger.

Miller claims he’s had a long history of sexual, physical, and mental abuse, often at the hands of his parents.

Official documents say he began using alcohol and drugs when he was about 10-years-old, and tried to kill himself twice before the age of 10.

The night of the murder, Miller says he was drunk and high on LSD, so he doesn’t remember much of what or how it happened.

Governor Bill Haslam denied Miller’s stay of execution request, saying he did not want to intervene in the case.

The Supreme Court also denied the request, with Justice Sotomayor being the only dissent, saying “such madness should not continue.”

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