David Briley running for mayor of Nashville in special election

(FOX 17 News)

David Briley will be officially running for mayor, a Nashville Mayor's Office spokesperson confirmed to FOX 17 News on Thursday.

Briley was sworn is as acting mayor on Tuesday after Megan Barry pleaded guilty to felony theft and resigned.

"Everybody wants our city to have a stable environment so that businesses will continue to locate, more people can move here and people feel like it's a great place to live," Briley said. "So my campaign is about providing that stability. That's the reason I'm running. It's not some political calculation."

While Mayor Briley received the Nashville Business Coalition's endorsement, he said he has not asked for an endorsement from Megan Barry.

"She was kind enough to send some flowers yesterday, and I sent her a text saying thanks and she responded, but that's the extent," Briley said. "The mayor put some good steps forward, and I do intend to follow through on those."

From the Nashville General Hospital and Google Fiber to mass transit, the Nashville native said he supports the same efforts he did as vice-mayor.

"The city I know, the city I grew up in will elect to do something," Briley said. "We will step up to the challenge and invest in our future. We'll be optimistic, and we'll do what's right for the city and pass the transit initiative I'm confident," the acting mayor explains.

While affordable housing and public education are at the top of his list, Mayor Briley said his new position is a balance that is no different than any other spouse or parent."

"Tries to find a way to be both a good parent and provide for their family," Briley said. "It's a struggle for everybody right now, and I'm not special in that regard."

Briley's appointment is temporary and only lasts through the next special election, which is slated for August. However, there is some opposition as to when the special election should take place per Tennessee Code.

Councilwoman Sheri Weiner is stepping in as vice mayor.

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