Daniel Hambrick's family upset with court seating at Andrew Delke hearing

FOX 17 News

Daniel Hambrick’s family left court Friday upset with how they were treated by court officers after the courtroom filled up and family members were not allowed inside Andrew Delke's preliminary hearing. Family attorney Joy Kimbrough says they were also singled out for instructions about not using their phones.

“I don’t like the way we were treated today by court house staff and courtroom staff,” Kimbrough said after six hours of preliminary hearing. “I despise the way families and supporters were treated. It was almost inhumane.”

“They're forgetting this is the victim's family. They're not the defendants. They're the victims. We just want them to treat them like they would anyone else,” Kimbrough said.

Dozens of police officers and members of the Fraternal Order of Police filled the courtroom before some of Hambrick’s family members found a seat. Daniel’s mother Vickie Hambrick left the courtroom several times visibly upset at the testimony.

Members of the Fraternal Order of Police declined comment after the hearing, but they walked out of the courtroom surrounding the officer charged with homicide.

Both sides appeared to still be holding their breath after the hearing until it officially comes to an expected close Saturday morning. With their emotions seemingly on hold, both sides know the difficult process is just beginning.

The judge presiding over the preliminary hearing prohibited media outlets from streaming or using video from inside Friday's hearing. More testimony from defense witnesses is on tap Saturday morning.

FOX 17 News plans to bring you the very latest from inside the courtroom.

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