Dad beat autistic son Joe Clyde Daniels to death, hid his body in remote area: affidavit

Joseph Daniels is charged with killing his 5-year-old non-verbal autistic son, Joe Clyde Daniels in Dickson, Tennessee. (TBI photos)


Violent details have been released in the murder of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels.

According to an affidavit, Joe's father, Joseph Ray Daniels, confessed to police that he beat his non-verbal, autistic son to death at their Dickson home on April 4.

Daniels told police that he "struck his son...repeatedly in the body, upper torso, head, and face with closed-fist until his son was deceased," the affidavit says.

Young Joe Clyde died at his residence along Garners Creek Road. Daniels told authorities he put the kindergartner's body in the truck of his car and "disposed" of his son's body in a remote, rural area. As of Monday morning, Joe Clyde's body still hasn't been found after authorities searched through the weekend.

Daniels called 911 to report his son missing. Listen to the call below or CLICK HERE:

FOX 17 News has learned one of Joe Clyde's parents called his school, Centennial Elementary, to say that he wouldn't be in class due to him being missing.

Heavy search efforts got under on Wednesday and continued for thee days. Hundreds of volunteers, local and state agencies assisted in the search.

The dad was arrested Saturday and charged with murder. He's being held on a $1,000,000 bond and currently on suicide watch, according to jail records. Joe Clyde's mother, Krystal Daniels, is also booked in jail on a child endangerment charge.

Several vigils were organized over the weekend to remember Joe and in hopes to bring closure for the community. Neighbors said Joe Clyde's death still has the Dickson County community in shock.

“It’s hard because usually out in a rural area, like this in Tennessee City, is a calm place,” Pamela Boren, who lives near Joe Clyde’s home said. “You never expect anything to happen like this. Never in a million years.”

Despite what she called a “horrific” situation, Boren said she continues to stay hopeful.

“Even in a tragedy, there will be some good come from this,” Boren said. “Don’t know what it is yet, but people have banded together as one, and that’s what it takes to move forward.”

Daniels has a scheduled court appearance for Friday.

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